Houston is one of largest cities in the country and the people love there BBQ. Information about outdoor living in Houston TX.

Brick Pavers Remodel – Increase Home Value

Brick Pavers Remodel – Increase Home Value

If you have plans to make home improvements this year, then you need to read this before you make any decisions. Chances are that you have more than likely considered which improvements will increase the value of your home. Two common options are remodeling your kitchen or bathroom. They […]

Outdoor Fireplace For The Holidays ~ Houston Outdoor Kitchen Pros

Outdoor Fireplace for The Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching. Many families enjoy this time of year with each other snuggled side by side amidst the love and warmth of their closeness. Part of most family traditions during the holidays involves experiencing the comforting crackle of a wood fire coming from their fireplace. What if you […]

Staycation in Your Own Backyard ~ Houston Outdoor Kitchen Pros

Staycation in Your Own Backyard

More Americans stay at home when they take their vacation time, but what do they really do while they are relaxing in their time off work? Staycation doesn’t have to be the boring choice that you make simply because you can’t afford to travel the world. You can create an amazing […]

Outdoor Kitchen Trends ~ Houston Outdoor Kitchen Pros

Outdoor Kitchen Trends

Houston is known for its hot summers and mild winters. The weather outside is great. But imagine this. You’ve invited friends over. Everyone is having fun in the sun. But you have feed everyone. And that means locking yourself inside, away from all of the action, right? Well not anymore. With the ever […]

Brighten Up Houston Patio Landscaping

Brighten Up Your Houston Patio landscaping

Houston patio landscaping designs are often dotted with beautiful flowers and gardens but you may not know exactly where to begin with planting some of these perennials and annuals on your own property. Flowers in Houston Texas are best suited for mild winters as well as hot and humid summers. […]

The Right Time Of Year To Build Outdoor Kitchen

Spring Is The Perfect Time To Install An Outdoor Kitchen

The concept of an outdoor kitchen may be new to some people, but for others it is simply a cooking lifestyle that they take advantage of during the springtime. We are all familiar with outdoor grills because they have been used for decades. This cookware requires […]

Houston Outdoor Fireplace The Perfect Time

Houston Outdoor Fireplace… It’s that time of year!

Here are a just a few reasons why now is the perfect time of year to set up a Houston outdoor fireplace:

Of course it starts with the fact that friends and families have been gathering around Houston outdoor fireplaces since the dawn of time.

Nothing is a […]

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